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In just 10 weeks size 18 to 14


I had recently moved from Ireland to Chesham with my husband and 2 young sons. I had just turned 40 was very overweight and zero confidence. I was looking through 'your chesham' magazine and saw Shirl Fitness. I emailed her and my new life began. I went to 1 class, loved it joined her other class and loved that too then joined her other class. It was something I had never experienced before, after numerous gyms and diets that did nothing for me. Shirley gave me the chance to do her 10 week challenge, this was a dream come true. She was to act as a mentor and give me weekly meal plans.I met Shirley and we discussed my like and dislikes for food and drink. I was eating 6 times a day plus having a few glasses of wine(I love my wine). 10 weeks ago I was a size 18, today I am a size 14, lost a total of 26.5 inches and loving my new lifestyle. Shirley's classes are the hardest i have ever done but by far the best. I eat fabulous meals have a wee vino or 2. My husband has noticed my confidence grow, I have a spring in my step now. I will continue to workout with Shirley. To top it all of I have an amazing bunch of friends now.

Thank you Shirley, much love Lorraine


Enjoying Christmas without piling on the Pounds

Christmas is the nemesis to any training or fitness regime. If you exercise regularly or work at keeping the weight off by watching what you eat, then Christmas brings unimaginable challenges to our willpower [like a 90% sale at Jimmy Choo’s or Mulberry handbags]

Pre Christmas parties and catching up with old and new friends is a huge part of the festivities of the season. Each encounter usually involving high calorific food and alcohol, it would be rude to just say NO! Not even the greatest amongst us can sit there and eat a salad with a glass of water every time.  So below are 5 actions you can take to still enjoy the festivities and not pile on the pounds

  1. One helping – Many of us may reach for a second helping of that desert or if at a buffet, another plate of food. Avoid lathering the gravy, you can measure pouring from the jug. Use a tablespoon and measure out two to three spoonfuls. Eat smaller portions and stick to that portion. Many of us forget this. At most restaurants you can request a smaller helping and this means less calorie intake.
  2. Drink Water – Have a big night plan, dehydration is a big reason for that hangover and the craving for the fry up the morning after. Drinking water throughout the day before and the day after will keep us hydrated, flush out toxins and can also help beat off a lot of the cravings for high calorie foods
  3. Be selective – Ok so the party buffet at a Chinese restaurant and all you can see around you is oily food. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for a fresh cooked meal rather than the ones that have been sitting in oil for a while.  If that isn’t possible, avoid anything that is deep-fried or comes laden with salt. That chicken in black bean sauce is definitely a no-no.
  4. Fight back – Ok, you eat too much, drank more than you should and now all you can do is try damage limitation. If you are pushed for time, then exercises like skipping are a great fat burner. 15 minutes of continuous skipping is the equivalent of a 45 minute run, you will be panting and sweating and something you can get done indoors  or in your garden. As with all exercise, take caution if you haven’t exercised in a while.
  5. Stay positive – You planned all the above and none of it happened. You gave in every time and didn’t fight back. Ok, well, don’t beat yourself up. Staying positive and keeping a goal to get fit is the first step. No crash dieting needed here. The damage has been done and is repairable so get a plan and as the festivities pass, get outdoors (or in a gym if you prefer) and begin your new regime, it’s never to late to get healthy.

Have a enjoyable Christmas.


Testimony from Miriam

I am feeling the benefits from the Saturday workouts in the park and hope to continue with them.  I am especially grateful because you modify the exercises to suit my ability/fitness level and am so grateful for your encouragement.  You are a good teacher.


Ditch the diet to lose weight

I would be the first to admit I have been on diets before, I have tried the herbal life diet some years ago and got some good results from it. I reached the lightest I had ever been since my twenties and the compliments were constant from friends and family. I have always been into training and kept going to the gym during the diet which accelerated my progress.

I maintained going to the gym after reaching my ‘goal dress size’. I felt like a new person and went and got a whole new wardrobe. Slowly and steadily I noticed the weight starting to creep back on, I was determined not to go back on the diet and began the uphill struggle against my body, eventually within six months I was back to my original weight before the diet. I made a promise to myself to find out more about nutrition and weight loss. I had been training in gyms for years, three times a week and knew lack of exercise was not the problem.

So below is the advice I would like to give to anyone who is thinking of using a diet from my own personal experience

  1. Your body has a natural size – some people are naturally skinny, others have a bigger shape and more curvy look. Some people unfortunately retain more water than others. There are so many variants of the personal genetics Amazon is filled with books on the subject. This also goes for the often forgotten [in the diet world] by different body shapes. You need to understand which one you are, if you have never been less than a size 12, it is going to take time and a lot of effort to drop two dress sizes and maintain it. Maintaining it being the key, any ‘crash’ diet that produces these results will be short-lived and can leave you very demoralised when the weight creeps (or piles) back on.
  2. It’s about the long-term – Diets are a quick fix. We like quick fixes for that wedding or event when we want to fit into a particular outfit. What we forget is we are actually damaging our bodies. The yo-yo effect on our bodies can leave your skin stretched and elastic. This makes it a lot more difficult to slim down the next time a diet is attempted. Add on top of that having children and ageing, then it becomes apparent the battle is really upon us. A longer term approach to nutrition will benefit us from an internal health perspective, it will shift the weight incrementally in a safe way and be easy to maintain as no sudden changes in your body shape or weight.
  3. It’s in our minds – This sounds obvious and forgive me as sometimes it really is that simple. It’s about nutrition and we all want to change the way we eat. I love desserts and the more unhealthy they are the harder I find to resist. I understand this desire so instead of suppressing it I work on controlling it. I will share the dessert if out with friends, tell the restaurant not to add the chocolate sauce, I will forgo the starter and add a large healthy salad (hold the dressing there fine waiter, none for me) to my main meal.

These are the lessons, amongst many others that I have learnt over time. The saying ‘nothing comes easy’ is so true when it comes to losing weight and maintaining it. The process doesn’t have to be grueling, there just isn’t any quick fixes out there. What is often never mentioned in these diet manuals is we also have fat between our internal organs, clogging up arteries and putting our health at risk. Regular exercise and a nutritional eating lifestyle are the only ways to ensure we give ourselves the chance at a long and active lifestyle.

I would like to hear your thoughts? Do you find diets the best option? Do you detest exercise and use diets as an alternative? Have you had a diet work for you or ended up gaining more weight as a result?


Summer is coming!

Summer is coming and the weather is brightening up. Time to get your body in shape by shifting pounds and getting that bikini body you have always wanted.

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