Hi, I’m Shirley, the founder of Shirl Fitness. As well as helping clients achieve their fitness and nutritional goals as a personal trainer, I am also a busy mummy of 2 young boys.

When I had my first son I was looking for opportunities to exercise with groups of other mums but found there were none in my area. I found I had to wait untill the evening when my husband returned from work to get the opportunity to go to the gym. After a hard days work at home with my son this often meant I had little energy to really get the work-out I wanted to achieve.

As a busy mum I know exactly what it is like to not have any time to yourself, like how you used to pre-children. If you would like to have some 'me' time, meet new mums in the same position as yourself, and be in the company of someone that understands your position in life, why not contact me and have a chat and we can discuss what your needs and goals are?