Welcome to Shirl Fitness, run by me, Shirley. I am a qualified Personal Trainer in the Chesham area with many years experience in the fitness industry.


As well as having vast experience in gyms, I am also a big believer in getting out of the gyms and bringing fitness/activity to places that are more accessible, versatile and convenient. This can be in your home if getting time away is a factor. For those that can get time away, I run sessions in the park and even the woods. Not only are these great for those without gym membership, if you do train in the gym, training outdoors in the fresh air and away from the mundane treadmill will bring excitement and diversity to your training programme. Why restrict all your workouts to the gym when you can pick and choose where, when and how you train.


I offer 1:1 and 1:2 Personal Training which includes nutritional analysis (meal options, menus), detailed exercise plan for 12 weeks, fitness testing, posture assessment and my undivided attention throughout the workout and unlimited support.


It will be my pleasure to see you achieve your goals and for you to reap the benefits of having the body you have always wanted, feeling great about your success and most importantly living healthy.